The mimicking of a cancer cell tumor environment is important, and it is not easy to accomplish. At TumorGenesis, we worked with university and medical center research groups to improve the culturing of breast and ovarian cancer cell lines and cancer tumor models.

Tumor Complexity

Heterogeneity in patient derived tumor samples and mixed co-cultures of cancer cell models are important for understanding how ovarian and breast tumors evolve and linking the in vitro, ex vivo patient in validated animal models is also important in pre-clinical candidate selection or in studying new ways of treating new markers. Working with industry partners, universities and medical centers and engaging with the US’s National Cancer Institute is what we do.

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“Our goal is to help all of our customers succeed in achieving their goals and objectives in using our products and services, without their success, our number one goal, developing better ways to understand and defeat cancer, all cancers will remain out of our and our customers reach.”

-Richard Gabriel (TumorGenesis)

How Does it Work?

TumorGenesis uses a combination of three factors that will help you advance your research in cancer, starting with ovarian and breast cancer, but this system can be used on any cancer cell in animals and in humans. We have the imbedded know-how of our partners to help create a system, whether it is for drug discovery or understanding new mechanisms in cancer to help our customers achieve their goals and objectives. Contact us now with your interests.

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