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TumorGenesis Contract Services can help you develop and maintain a cancer clonal population that accurately reflects your research goals and objectives. Your new cultures will be retaining the phenotypic signatures of the host cancer sample. DNA/RNA, proteomics and genetics will reflect the original culture. We combine the knowledge of the media used to feed and stabilize cancer cell colonies, the matrix to provide the right support and the biomarkers that all cancer cells and colonies depend upon.

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Concept Design

How we tailor the media, matrix, and biomarkers to capture, culture, separate and successfully grow into clonal colonies that retain the original sample signature begins with a meeting schedule with one or more of our experts in this field. If the information is confidential, send us your confidential agreement or we can discuss non-confidentially how our system of building unique and reproducible clonal populations or mixtures of clonal populations for your research.

We will review state of the art concepts and offer our best service offerings with timelines, costs, and objectives in the form of a proposal. If you and your team are filing for a grant or other support from any research institution or not-for-profit funding opportunity, we are available to help.

Feasibility and Proof-of-Concept Objective

The teams will help create a variety of combination arrays of different designs that will be incorporated into standard 96 well plate format or in other formats, ranging from culture dishes to 6 well and up to 96 well that will have the optimal support matrix, biomarkers for the cells and clonal colonies as well as the right media to maintain their phenotypes of expression over multiple generations. Our goals and yours is to build a living library that accurately expresses all the biomarkers of the original sample. In combination with our experts and your team, we can develop a reproducible and reliable system to study cancer cells and clonal populations or mixtures to evaluate all the important factors necessary to maintain the colonies.

R&D Study and Validation

Once a system has been selected beta-versions of the system will be sent to your labs for your validation and confirmation that the chosen system works in your labs. Based on the results, we as a team will fine tune the specifications in all three fields of Media, Matrix, and Biomarkers to come up a validated system that we then supply to you as on-demand and just-in-time, fresh deliveries of plates, media, and matrix with selected biomarkers. We also have a full-service CLIA laboratory capable of handling human cancer tissues in accordance with all the IRB rules and regulations. Our CLIA lab is certified in New York, California and they have also worked with the EU and UK countries as well.

Pilot Production and Production Inventory

Once optimized, your product remains your product and we deliver a Certificate of Validation and all relevant guidelines for the use of your product. At TumorGenesis we believe that good cancer cell culturing practices that reflect the tumor samples original signatures will yield better results in the study of cancer as well as the discovery of new treatments. We believe that if our customers succeed, then TumorGenesis will also succeed.

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